Flying Bollards Racing Servers

Live damage tracking

This website provides live damage dealt leaderboards and summaries, updated after each race on the dedicated server completes.

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Many of the server regulars are chatting on Discord while they're wrecking you. Why not join them? Click on the link to join.

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The Flying Bollards Youtube channel.

Featuring videos of the best and worst moments from online racing on the Flying Bollards servers.

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Weekly leaders

Mad dog server
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Elbows out server
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Flying Bollards Wreckfest Servers

Mad dogs & Heavy hitters server

The carnage server.Mad Dog & Heavy Hitter awards displayed here immediately aFter each race.

The Elbows Out Racing server

A bit more focus on racing. Race hard, but stick to the rules. Live damage stats here

Event Track Order Playlists

Our servers run random track orders that are regenerated at 7am GMT daily. The current track lists are displayed here for the Mad Dog server and here for the Elbows Out Racing server.

All Wreckfest server list

Our website uses the Steam API to display a live list of all active Wreckfest servers, status, settings and players connected. Click here to view the Wreckfest server list.

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