I like AC. I like online racing in AC. I like all the open wheel, Formula 1 mods that have been contributed over the years.

I always wanted to have some online servers that would run all the mods that are around - like an F1 track day.

Problem was, there were so many AC updates that all the mods got out of date and even if I ran a server, nobody would be able to join.

This site is the answer.

On this site you'll find links to download all the cars that are running on the Flying Bollards AC servers.

And now the important bit.

Thanks to the contributions of some very talented individuals, you'll akso find patches to get those cars to the same specs as the ones on the server.

So the idea is this site and its AC servers will run a bit of an F1 mod revival on AC, keeping all the cars, going right back to the start of AC modding, reasonably relevant - at least enough to be able to run them on a server.

There are no official versions, everything is patches contributed by talented people.

So it's a bit like the old Autosport classifieds section. If you're as old as me.