Beat up the bots

Beat up the AI cars for points

When the server is empty there are usually some AI bots running around.

If you join the server, and you are the only player on the server at the start of the race, you can try to get the player vs AI high score

Increase your score by beating up all the AI.

Some tracks are better for AI bashing than others - the server info page contains the current track rotation so you can see what tracks are coming up.

If someone joins the server while you're going for the high score, your score will still count.

If more than one person starts an event, none of their scores will count.

You need to finish the event (not expire) otherwise your score may not be recorded in the database

The event has to have the standard amount of laps and AI in order to count (these values are recorded in the database)

Top 5 player vs AI scores are shown on the Heavy Hitter stats page.

All time bot slam scores

Player nameScoreTrackEvent dateTakedowns*Spins**SlamsShunts
Ted Maul3340Drytown Desert Reverse10/12/2019 13:3212116
holdenballs2650Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit03/09/2019 10:53120110
Ted Maul2460Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit10/12/2019 13:2602003
SinisteR2440Firwood Motoceter Short Circuit26/08/2019 16:4911817
Ted Maul2410Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse10/12/2019 13:1612118
holdenballs2240Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit06/09/2019 10:5311712
holdenballs2230Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit26/08/2019 12:3111614
Ted Maul1980FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse17/12/2019 10:0911419
Ted Maul1860Northfolk Ring Main Circuit10/12/2019 13:2111313
holdenballs1630Crash Canyon06/09/2019 10:4801109
Narth1430Northfolk Ring Main Circuit21/10/2019 09:1801004
Narth1230Big Valley Speedway Figure 821/09/2019 14:3301004
Narth1230Midwest Motocenter Reverse21/09/2019 14:3801004
Narth1090Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse26/08/2019 19:0801002
holdenballs1070Bonebreaker Valley03/09/2019 12:001611
Zabrios900Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit21/10/2019 20:400605
Narth870Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit26/08/2019 19:140706
Spinner760Northfolk Ring Main Circuit04/10/2019 17:530603
emmanuel.ruchaud750Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit30/11/2019 16:052120
Narth740Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit21/09/2019 14:190602
_-Z-_720Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse28/08/2019 12:040701
????The business pussy ????????720Bonebreaker Valley29/08/2019 23:530401
Arcticwolf680Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit24/08/2019 22:040604
Mechatronig(g)er670Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse26/11/2019 04:070601
Santa's Boyfriend630Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit19/09/2019 10:110504
sidddi600Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena29/08/2019 12:400500
Mr_cardacane590Hilltop Stadium Oval03/10/2019 22:340502
BoogyMan560Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit28/08/2019 14:220503
blackwedge560Northland Raceway Free Route16/10/2019 19:070503
robthebigyin540Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit Reverse01/12/2019 12:030402
SX4530Northfolk Ring Main Circuit05/11/2019 14:350404
holdenballs520Hilltop Stadium Figure 802/09/2019 12:390401
Narth510Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse21/10/2019 09:290303
durikem490Drytown Desert Reverse25/10/2019 13:520402
Moun_Sher470Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse30/08/2019 06:430401
Chassdow460Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse25/11/2019 22:010303
robthebigyin450Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit01/12/2019 11:140400
BoogyMan450Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena28/08/2019 14:180300
yonyxx440Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse06/11/2019 12:410402
Mr_cardacane420Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse03/10/2019 22:480401
Zabrios420Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse21/10/2019 20:230401
SX4420Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit05/11/2019 14:410401
holdenballs420Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse03/09/2019 11:140201
Topper Harley400Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit13/12/2019 15:230400
CaptainCheeza400Bonebreaker Valley22/09/2019 00:290400
Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan400Rockfield Roughspot24/10/2019 13:370300
jumbo.mp390Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse20/11/2019 16:190202
ewi_1390Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse30/08/2019 15:501112
rxr9.19360Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse21/09/2019 10:430303
rxr9.19360Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse21/09/2019 10:530303
JESSUSE360Northfolk Ring Main Circuit02/10/2019 17:390303
tutu29870350Deathloop Main Circuit08/09/2019 13:210205
OngoGobloggian340Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit20/11/2019 01:200302
robthebigyin340Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit01/12/2019 11:470302
Jannick320Drytown Desert Reverse04/11/2019 21:200301
antoine.perrey320Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse11/11/2019 18:400301
_-Z-_320Sandstone Raceway Short Route28/08/2019 11:280301
sidddi320Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit29/08/2019 12:500301
JESSUSE310FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse02/10/2019 17:460203
BoogyMan300Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse28/08/2019 14:350300
Alexhaaf300Northfolk Ring Main Circuit01/09/2019 00:520300
Mr.Donk300Midwest Motocenter Reverse06/11/2019 17:540300
mereneque300Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit06/11/2019 20:180300
threckert300Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse09/11/2019 06:040300
JESSUSE280Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse02/10/2019 17:510204
emmanuel.ruchaud270Northfolk Ring Main Circuit30/11/2019 16:000201
holdenballs260Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse03/09/2019 11:030203
#473260Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse26/11/2019 14:150002
robthebigyin250Bloomfield Speedway Figure 801/12/2019 11:180100
Thunder8ird250Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena29/08/2019 09:140100
THE-_-SANTIS250Drytown Desert07/11/2019 17:550200
LEGEND OF FECK250Northfolk Ring Main Circuit17/11/2019 13:240200
Jannick240Northfolk Ring Main Circuit04/11/2019 21:060202
Jake-UK-RAH240Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse22/11/2019 22:030202
godlylako240Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit12/12/2019 13:550202
Jordanleo240Sandstone Raceway Short Route03/10/2019 20:260102
Jannick220Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit04/11/2019 21:110201
Shepa220Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit14/12/2019 19:590201
_-Z-_220Northland Raceway Inner Loop28/08/2019 11:320201
sidddi220Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse29/08/2019 12:450201
holdenballs220Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse02/09/2019 12:270201
tutu29870200Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit08/09/2019 13:290200
godlylako200Northfolk Ring Main Circuit12/12/2019 13:500200
Mc Kakkapylly200Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse14/12/2019 16:360200
weichgnu200Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse22/11/2019 21:170200
CaptainCheeza180Northland Raceway Inner Loop22/09/2019 00:360004
Jordanleo150Northfolk Ring Main Circuit03/10/2019 20:090100
holdenballs150Crash Canyon02/09/2019 12:310100
Shepa150Bloomfield Speedway Figure 814/12/2019 20:040100
Mr_cardacane150Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit Reverse03/10/2019 22:410100
Narth150FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse21/10/2019 09:250100
Jordanleo140Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse03/10/2019 20:320002
Mr_cardacane140Northland Raceway Free Route03/10/2019 22:540102
SX4140Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse05/11/2019 14:310102
weichgnu140Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit22/11/2019 21:280102
Jordanleo140FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse03/10/2019 20:170102
Fredbeardabbing140Drytown Desert Reverse27/11/2019 13:460102
holdenballs120Boulder Bank Short Circuit Reverse10/09/2019 16:490101
weichgnu120Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit Reverse27/11/2019 22:420101
Kid Jack120Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse12/12/2019 13:440101
Topper Harley120Bloomfield Speedway Figure 813/12/2019 15:270001
Shepa120Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse14/12/2019 19:500101
akaliku120Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse04/10/2019 23:230101
Mr.Donk120Rockfield Roughspot06/11/2019 18:130101
THE-_-SANTIS120Midwest Motocenter07/11/2019 17:420101
???????????? ??????120Boulder Bank Short Circuit08/11/2019 10:520001
lepouletfume120Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit09/11/2019 20:300101
antoine.perrey120Drytown Desert Reverse11/11/2019 18:340101
weichgnu120Drytown Desert Reverse22/11/2019 21:330101
CaptainCheeza120Bloomfield Speedway Figure 822/09/2019 00:330101
Jordanleo120Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse03/10/2019 20:210101
mika02120Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse28/08/2019 17:480001
Lindien Tomahawk120Rockfield Roughspot02/09/2019 10:420101
holdenballs120Midwest Motocenter02/09/2019 12:570101
holdenballs120Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit Reverse02/09/2019 13:200101
holdenballs120Sandstone Raceway Short Route06/09/2019 10:370101
tMiP | Warrior100Sandstone Raceway Short Route05/10/2019 17:110100
Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan100Drytown Desert24/10/2019 13:400100
RN4LIFE100Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit29/10/2019 20:020100
RN4LIFE100Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit29/10/2019 20:090100
SideSwipe100Big Valley Speedway Figure 830/10/2019 07:550100
SideSwipe100Sandstone Raceway Alt Route30/10/2019 08:090100
yonyxx100Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit06/11/2019 12:490100
anime repellent100Northland Raceway Outer Loop06/11/2019 16:460100
Mr.Donk100Deathloop Main Circuit06/11/2019 18:210100
LEGEND OF FECK100Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse17/11/2019 13:180100
jumbo.mp100Bloomfield Speedway Figure 820/11/2019 16:130100
weichgnu100Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse22/11/2019 21:370100
MuR3100Firwood Motoceter Short Circuit23/11/2019 23:590100
MuR3100Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse24/11/2019 00:040100
MuR3100Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit24/11/2019 00:100100
unseized13bt100Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit26/08/2019 17:100100
[N]eGrh0100Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena28/08/2019 10:530100
[N]eGrh0100Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse28/08/2019 10:570100
BoogyMan100Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse28/08/2019 14:260100
XxDENNExX100Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena28/08/2019 17:230100
mika02100Hilltop Stadium Figure 828/08/2019 17:530100
Nooel100Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit28/08/2019 20:210100
gixxerthouk4100Northland Raceway Outer Loop28/08/2019 22:140100
[NBBB]Wonderfulnightmare100Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena30/08/2019 14:080100
holdenballs100Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse02/09/2019 12:220100
SBG Stereo100Sandstone Raceway Short Route02/09/2019 22:350100
holdenballs100Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse04/09/2019 12:410100
simracer100Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit27/11/2019 12:110100
godlylako100Drytown Desert Reverse12/12/2019 14:000100
Topper Harley100Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse13/12/2019 15:310100
Shepa100Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit14/12/2019 19:550100
Shepa100Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse14/12/2019 20:070100
Deaththunder100Madman Stadium Demolition Arena18/12/2019 14:290100
Bu5hman100Deathloop Main Circuit06/09/2019 19:250100
Straenchen50Rockfield Roughspot28/10/2019 18:190000
iago40Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit Reverse08/10/2019 19:240002
robthebigyin40Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse01/12/2019 11:280002
robthebigyin40Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse01/12/2019 11:410002
???????????????20Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse20/09/2019 23:070001
CaptainCheeza20Deathloop Main Circuit22/09/2019 00:250001
rxr9.1920Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit Reverse22/09/2019 02:580001
rxr9.1920Sandstone Raceway Main Route22/09/2019 03:030001
Thunder8ird20Firwood Motoceter Short Circuit25/08/2019 09:560001
Alexhaaf20Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse01/09/2019 00:460001
tMiP | Warrior20Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse05/10/2019 17:060001
blackwedge20Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit Reverse16/10/2019 19:120001
SideSwipe20Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse30/10/2019 07:470001
[BWR] VanKertis20Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse19/11/2019 19:530001
Mr_cardacane0Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit03/10/2019 22:300000
Spinner0FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse04/10/2019 18:010000
:)0Northfolk Ring Main Circuit05/10/2019 16:470000
AtollMer3424300Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse20/10/2019 19:580000
Fuwy@fun0Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse21/10/2019 00:020000
Zabrios0Sandstone Raceway Short Route21/10/2019 19:100000
Noooo Sorry0Midwest Motocenter Reverse21/10/2019 22:580000
basti46550Northfolk Ring Main Circuit23/10/2019 12:300000
basti46550Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse23/10/2019 12:330000
Thunder8ird0Rockfield Roughspot25/10/2019 10:540000
Thunder8ird0Drytown Desert25/10/2019 10:570000
The Shark0Drytown Desert25/10/2019 20:220000
eddieraver10Big Valley Speedway Outer Oval27/10/2019 16:180000
Singe Moisi0Rockfield Roughspot29/10/2019 19:570000
RN4LIFE0Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit29/10/2019 20:130000
SideSwipe0Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit30/10/2019 08:020000
blacktheis0Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse05/11/2019 21:230000
yonyxx0Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit06/11/2019 12:330000
Thunder8ird0Northland Raceway Free Route06/11/2019 12:570000
Mr.Donk0Hilltop Stadium Figure 806/11/2019 17:580000
Mr.Donk0Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit06/11/2019 18:020000
Mr.Donk0Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit06/11/2019 18:070000
Mr.Donk0Sandstone Raceway Alt Route06/11/2019 18:170000
Mr.Donk0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit06/11/2019 18:260000
mereneque0Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop06/11/2019 20:120000
THE-_-SANTIS0Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse07/11/2019 17:500000
OngoGobloggian0Big Valley Speedway Inner Oval08/11/2019 03:560000
threckert0Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit Reverse09/11/2019 05:580000
Bstard0Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse09/11/2019 19:150000
lepouletfume0Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse09/11/2019 20:210000
lepouletfume0Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit Reverse09/11/2019 20:370000
antoine.perrey0Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit11/11/2019 18:440000
( . )( . ) (.Y.) ( . )( . )0Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit17/11/2019 17:080000
[BWR] VanKertis0Northfolk Ring Main Circuit19/11/2019 19:580000
aggrobiker0Drytown Desert Reverse19/11/2019 21:110000
OngoGobloggian0Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit20/11/2019 01:240000
Elysios0Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse21/11/2019 15:310000
Elysios0Northfolk Ring Main Circuit21/11/2019 15:350000
Elysios0Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit21/11/2019 15:390000
Funeral Machine0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse21/11/2019 16:010000
Funeral Machine0Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit21/11/2019 16:060000
Funeral Machine0Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit21/11/2019 16:090000
Funeral Machine0Bloomfield Speedway Figure 821/11/2019 16:160000
weichgnu0Northfolk Ring Main Circuit22/11/2019 21:220000
weichgnu0Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit22/11/2019 21:420000
MuR30Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse24/11/2019 00:170000
MuR30Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit24/11/2019 00:250000
Thunder8ird0Drytown Desert Reverse25/08/2019 10:020000
Thunder8ird0Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit25/08/2019 10:060000
Thunder8ird0Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse25/08/2019 10:120000
Thunder8ird0Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit25/08/2019 10:130000
Thunder8ird0Fairfield County Demolition Arena25/08/2019 10:160000
Thunder8ird0Big Valley Speedway Figure 825/08/2019 10:170000
Thunder8ird0Northland Raceway Free Route25/08/2019 10:190000
Thunder8ird0Bonebreaker Valley25/08/2019 10:190000
leoflodin0Big Valley Speedway Classic Demolition Arena25/08/2019 15:100000
Monster)0Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit26/08/2019 12:210000
holdenballs0Firwood Motoceter Short Circuit26/08/2019 12:300000
SinisteR0Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit26/08/2019 16:450000
SinisteR0Drytown Desert Reverse26/08/2019 16:570000
jinx200010Fairfield County Demolition Arena26/08/2019 20:110000
Ei0Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit Reverse27/08/2019 21:440000
[N]eGrh00Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit28/08/2019 11:020000
[N]eGrh00Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit28/08/2019 11:050000
_-Z-_0Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena28/08/2019 11:360000
BoogyMan0Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit Reverse28/08/2019 14:130000
BoogyMan0Big Valley Speedway Inner Oval28/08/2019 14:300000
RocknRoll0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit28/08/2019 16:470000
gixxerthouk40Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse28/08/2019 22:100000
gixxerthouk40Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse28/08/2019 22:190000
gixxerthouk40Big Valley Speedway Classic Demolition Arena28/08/2019 22:240000
Thunder8ird0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse29/08/2019 09:020000
Thunder8ird0Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit29/08/2019 09:060000
Thunder8ird0Fairfield County Demolition Arena29/08/2019 09:110000
MrKACELIANO0Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse29/08/2019 21:520000
????The business pussy ????????0Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse29/08/2019 22:500000
????The business pussy ????????0Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit Reverse29/08/2019 22:540000
????The business pussy ????????0Deathloop Main Circuit29/08/2019 23:390000
????The business pussy ????????0Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse29/08/2019 23:440000
????The business pussy ????????0Hilltop Stadium Figure 829/08/2019 23:480000
????The business pussy ????????0Bloomfield Speedway Oval29/08/2019 23:560000
????The business pussy ????????0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit30/08/2019 00:000000
Moun_Sher0Big Valley Speedway Outer Oval30/08/2019 06:370000
ewi_10Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse30/08/2019 15:410000
ewi_10Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit30/08/2019 15:460000
Schemi0Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse30/08/2019 17:500000
[TT-NL] ECONOLINE [NL]0Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit30/08/2019 20:400000
??? Michael NasiVaart ???0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit30/08/2019 20:440000
????The business pussy ????????0Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse30/08/2019 22:120000
????The business pussy ????????0Northland Raceway Outer Loop30/08/2019 22:160000
????The business pussy ????????0Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse30/08/2019 22:190000
ZT0FF3 <30Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse31/08/2019 16:470000
ZT0FF3 <30Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse31/08/2019 16:550000
SlcAllel0Fairfield Mudpit Demolition Area31/08/2019 17:130000
castry0Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit31/08/2019 18:290000
castry0Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit31/08/2019 18:360000
castry0Midwest Motocenter31/08/2019 18:420000
castry0Sandstone Raceway Alt Route31/08/2019 18:470000
castry0Northfolk Ring Open Circuit31/08/2019 18:530000
castry0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse31/08/2019 18:590000
Alexhaaf0Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse01/09/2019 00:420000
Alexhaaf0Northland Raceway Outer Loop01/09/2019 00:580000
GhostRaccoon0740Rockfield Roughspot01/09/2019 15:420000
GhostRaccoon0740Big Valley Speedway Outer Oval01/09/2019 15:470000
GhostRaccoon0740Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit01/09/2019 15:530000
GhostRaccoon0740Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse01/09/2019 15:570000
SinisteR0Fairfield Mudpit Demolition Area01/09/2019 20:490000
Lindien Tomahawk0Big Valley Speedway Outer Oval02/09/2019 10:470000
holdenballs0Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse02/09/2019 12:170000
holdenballs0Fairfield Mudpit Demolition Area02/09/2019 12:340000
holdenballs0Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit02/09/2019 12:430000
holdenballs0Midwest Motocenter Reverse02/09/2019 12:480000
holdenballs0Sandstone Raceway Alt Route02/09/2019 13:020000
holdenballs0Northfolk Ring Open Circuit02/09/2019 13:080000
holdenballs0Big Valley Speedway Demolition Arena02/09/2019 13:250000
holdenballs0Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse03/09/2019 10:490000
holdenballs0Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit Reverse03/09/2019 10:590000
holdenballs0Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit03/09/2019 11:080000
holdenballs0Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit03/09/2019 11:590000
holdenballs0Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse03/09/2019 12:290000
zy3b0Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit03/09/2019 13:330000
catzilla0Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse03/09/2019 18:410000
catzilla0Northland Raceway Inner Loop03/09/2019 18:460000
Nico Tastic0Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit03/09/2019 21:420000
holdenballs0Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse04/09/2019 10:010000
Ternkoil0Drytown Desert Reverse04/09/2019 15:030000
holdenballs0Deathloop Main Circuit06/09/2019 10:430000
holdenballs0Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse06/09/2019 10:590000
Santa's Boyfriend0Fairfield Mudpit Demolition Area19/09/2019 09:580000
Santa's Boyfriend0Northfolk Ring Main Route Reverse19/09/2019 10:170000
luisen270Fairfield Mudpit Demolition Area20/09/2019 14:040000
[DFS]Freegamer0Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit20/09/2019 20:580000
???????????????0Drytown Desert Reverse20/09/2019 23:110000
rxr9.190Fairfield Mudpit Demolition Area21/09/2019 10:270000
rxr9.190Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit21/09/2019 10:320000
rxr9.190Northfolk Ring Main Route Reverse21/09/2019 10:380000
rxr9.190Drytown Desert Reverse21/09/2019 10:470000
Narth0Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit Reverse21/09/2019 14:150000
Narth0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit21/09/2019 14:240000
Narth0Sandstone Raceway Alt Route21/09/2019 14:280000
Mr. Phoskitos0Bonebreaker Valley23/09/2019 02:160000
Odilon9740Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit27/09/2019 19:480000
Terminal illness C.O.P.D0Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit29/09/2019 12:080000
Terminal illness C.O.P.D0Bloomfield Speedway Figure 829/09/2019 12:130000
Saab ??karen Larsson0Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit29/09/2019 15:020000
simpleplainman0Big Valley Speedway Demolition Arena29/09/2019 17:350000
#4730Northfolk Ring Main Circuit26/11/2019 14:190000
CODww0Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse27/11/2019 10:070000
HessenBub870Bloomfield Speedway Figure 827/11/2019 21:070000
weichgnu0Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse27/11/2019 22:150000
weichgnu0Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse27/11/2019 22:220000
weichgnu0Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse27/11/2019 22:230000
weichgnu0Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse27/11/2019 22:300000
weichgnu0Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit27/11/2019 22:360000
pippen060Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse28/11/2019 15:090000
Artemis070Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit Reverse28/11/2019 20:050000
emmanuel.ruchaud0Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse30/11/2019 15:550000
emmanuel.ruchaud0Drytown Desert Reverse30/11/2019 16:140000
emmanuel.ruchaud0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse30/11/2019 16:180000
robthebigyin0Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse01/12/2019 11:220000
robthebigyin0Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse01/12/2019 11:340000
robthebigyin0Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit Reverse01/12/2019 11:530000
robthebigyin0Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse01/12/2019 11:590000
Chassdow0Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit01/12/2019 16:360000
Dewards0Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit Reverse03/12/2019 21:130000
SBG Stereo0Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse04/12/2019 22:060000
chermans720Deathloop Main Circuit09/12/2019 22:240000
chermans720Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit09/12/2019 22:290000
Bobalone0Northfolk Ring Main Circuit14/12/2019 16:420000
Bobalone0Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit14/12/2019 16:460000
Shepa0Drytown Desert Reverse14/12/2019 19:460000
brausek0Fairfield Mudpit Demolition Area13/09/2019 09:080000
Bu5hman0Sandstone Raceway Short Route06/09/2019 19:210000
Bu5hman0Crash Canyon06/09/2019 19:290000
Bu5hman0Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit06/09/2019 19:330000
Bu5hman0Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse06/09/2019 19:380000
Onee-chan0Bonebreaker Valley07/09/2019 17:380000
Onee-chan0FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse07/09/2019 17:420000
Onee-chan0Northland Raceway Inner Loop07/09/2019 17:450000
Onee-chan0Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit Reverse07/09/2019 17:520000
Onee-chan0Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit07/09/2019 17:580000
Onee-chan0Midwest Motocenter Reverse07/09/2019 18:050000
tutu298700Sandstone Raceway Short Route08/09/2019 13:170000
tutu298700Crash Canyon08/09/2019 13:250000
Pewoski0Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse08/09/2019 21:290000
brausek0Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop09/09/2019 15:190000
holdenballs0Boulder Bank Short Circuit Reverse11/09/2019 08:400000

*Takedown data tracked from January 2019 onwards. Takedown data built from best estimates based on real time changes in player scores.

**Spins, T-Bones, Rear-enders, Head-on are grouped together as it's not possible to tell them apart.

Weekly leaders
All time
Player nameBest scoreEvent date
Ted Maul334010/12/2019 13:32
holdenballs265003/09/2019 10:53
SinisteR244026/08/2019 16:49
Narth143021/10/2019 09:18
Zabrios90021/10/2019 20:40

Each player's single highest score is shown