Wreckfest online server list

Server # PlayersTrackLaps remainingClassPingDamage Type
! WreckFast! - Deathmatch Only! 24/24Glendale Countryside Demolition Arena5A82Normal
BLACKFLAG^:#2 | SEMI-CLEAN | CLASS C 24/24Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit Reverse2C120Normal
{24/7}CreepFactor/Twitch{Class-C Only} 23/24Hilltop Stadium Oval2C56Normal
Stormy's WreckFest | Class C, Realistic 23/24Main Circuit1C116Intense
Sparko's Banger Server | NO RULES | All Cars 21/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route2none104Normal
Entenhausen[GER] No Reverse / Dirty / B-Class / All 20/24Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse4B136Normal
EU - Pure Wreckfest - All Cars/No Rules 20/24Main Circuit0A95Normal
Giant Bomb | C Class | Semi Clean Racing 18/24Rockfield Roughspot0C71Normal
The Hoon Lounge Realistic C class Semi-DIRTY 17/20Big Valley Speedway Figure 83C18Intense
^:Swedish FolkKAOZ #3 | ALL CLASS / NO RULES 2 |^: BEST PING 17/24Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse5A105Normal
! INTENSE by kycu.live & RepublicOfSimracers.com 16/24Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit0none86Intense
[CBW] C Class Racing: ALL TRACKS | DRIVE HOW YOU LIKE | 2 16/24Boulder Bank Full Circuit0C94Intense
BLACKFLAG^:#1 | SEMI-CLEAN PRO | NO RAIDEN C 15/24Northland Raceway Inner Loop2C86Intense
BLACKFLAG^:#4 | DIRTY NOOBS | CLASS C 15/24Northfolk Ring Main Circuit0C122Normal
Sunday Night Wreckfest - Public Server C-Class 14/24Boulder Bank Short Circuit5C142Normal
{US}RoadWarriors C class Semi-clean NO CB No CornerBomb 13/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route1C52Normal
Hanseaten Hamburg 11/20Dirt Speedway5C132Normal
! Poop Sock's Shit Show 9/24Rockfield Roughspot0A46Normal
TEAMBEANIE Server 9/24Deathloop Main Circuit4none121Normal
^:EgoViking[EN] // ^:ALL // ^:B // ^:BUMP-GRIND/NO-R // 8/24Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit Reverse2none22Intense
! ALL TRACKS 24/7 [GER] 8/24Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit2A134Normal
Sneaklez Wrecker 7/24Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena2B91Intense
pjghangouts 5/24Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit Reverse1none50Normal
! [GTHub.eu] EU Server #1 [LAWLESS] [MAX CLASS-C] ! 5/24Main Circuit2C100Normal
!PRIME-RACING [NO-RULES] [MAX CLASS B] 5/24FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse0B101Intense
R.A.G.E Server | Unleash Hell | No Rules/All Cars 4/24Crash Canyon0A86Normal
[UKBRP] www.onlinebangerracing.co.uk RULES AUTO 4/24Wimbledon Stadium15none123Normal
! [GTHub.eu] US Server #2 [LAWLESS] [MAX CLASS-B] ! 3/24Madman Stadium Figure 80B29Normal
USMC-Gamers Motor Pool 3/20FinnCross Main Circuit0A202Realistic
Midnight Electron's Murder 9000 3/24Drytown Desert3none62Normal
yeet 3/24Bonebreaker Valley0none62Normal
[>NF<] Noobs Forever =EXTRA BRUTAL= 3/20Main Circuit6A114Normal
sues and rc's AKA MR 10K family and friends server 3/24Firwood Motoceter Short Circuit1A66Normal
WRECKFEST TESTING SERVER 3/24Wimbledon Stadium7none84Intense
! [GTHub.eu] EU Server #2 [LAWLESS] [MAX CLASS-B] ! 3/24Bonebreaker Valley1B76Normal
FRA-EU| Open-Sys | All tracks | Class C | 24/24 3/24Drytown Desert8C114Intense
Otti's Wreckfest [1] | MAX CLASS B | NO RULES 3/24Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit Reverse0B103Normal
Virtuosogaming 3/20Boulder Bank Full Circuit10none158Intense
New Zealand Dirt Racing #1 3/24Standard Direction10none240Normal
MRMEATMUNCHERS BIG FLOPPY SAUSAGE PARTY- By Pingperfect.com 2/24Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit Reverse16A51Normal
! [ISL] Inside Line Racing [C-CLASS] [***CLEAN***] 2/20Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit5C39Normal
CRYBABIES ONLY 2/24Midwest Motocenter0C75Intense
! Shit Happens. Get over it. 2/22Dirt Speedway0A44Normal
[BBS] TBa Public 2/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena2A90Normal
Wreckfest - Official EU #5 (All Tracks, All vehicles, LMS Derby 2/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena10A113Normal
Bolt & Counter 2/24Stage 2 3none124Normal
mini 2/8Main Circuit0none117Normal
Only PETUCH | RU | Class B |^: Realistik | 2/24Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit3B129Intense
! Slushie's Race Fast, Wreck Hard Fun Land 1/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit2A54Normal
|US01|RageQuitGaming|AllTracks|Semi-Clean| 1/24Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit0C53Intense
Genios de la Feria [Theoretical Physicists] 1/24FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse3C119Normal

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