Wreckfest online server list

Server # PlayersTrackLaps remainingClassPingDamage Type
BLACKFLAG^:#2 | SEMI-CLEAN | CLASS C 24/24Drytown Desert2C94Normal
(ENG)DS'sWreckFest | Dirty, Class C, Realistic 24/24Mudford Motorpark Mud Oval12C99Intense
NO CRYBABIES ^:NO RULES CHAOS ANY CAR 24/24Firwood Motoceter Short Circuit1A103Normal
Manteln.com | Clean Racing | discord.io/manteln 24/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit Reverse1C86Normal
GER/ENG Normal Damage/All Classes/All Maps/24/7 24/24Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit2A111Normal
NO CRYING | TOTAL CHAOS | ALL CARS | NO RULES! 23/24Dirt Devil Stadium Demolition Arena0A14Realistic
~~~RehpinscherDeluxe[No Rules][Realistic][GER] 22/24Northfolk Ring Main Route Reverse4none120Intense
Entenhausen [GER/EN]/No Reverse/Dirty/B-Class 16/24Mudford Motorpark Mud Oval2B100Normal
{+18 Only 420!}CreepFactor/Twitch{Class-C Only} 14/24Drytown Desert0C62Normal
Nakkisormi ^:Semi-Clean Racing Class A 11/24Fairfield County Demolition Arena2A117Normal
Sydney All Class [AU] 9/24Bonebreaker Valley0A213Intense
24/7 Bridger Wreckfest / Deathmatch only 6/24Demolition Arena1A137Normal
[UKBRP] www.onlinebangerracing.co.uk RULES AUTO 5/24Foxhall Stadium1none94Normal
maanantain ajelut 4/20Main Circuit1none129Normal
Mashmideus 4/4Main Circuit1none145Realistic
D??monOursin 3/24Wimbledon Figure 80none125Intense
Game Group by Bruzsky 3/16Main Circuit1none113Realistic
volkolicious 3/24Pocono Route 60C102Normal
BLACKFLAG^:#4 | DIRTY NOOBS | CLASS C 3/24Big Valley Speedway Inner Oval3C130Realistic
In space no can hear you scream 3/24Main Circuit0none137Normal
TRANSGENDER WRECKERS AND PALS!! 2/24Sandstone Raceway Short Route0A90Intense
Wreckfest - Official US-West #1 (All Tracks, No Trucks) 2/24FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse3A58Normal
rob smells 2/8Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena5C99Normal
Tchikalabaz 2/24Midwest Motocenter Reverse4none147Intense
NO CRYBABIES ^:RACING TRACKS NO BACKWARDS 2/24Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse2A86Normal
ESTONIA - ROMU serious Wreckfest 2/24Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit1A136Normal
Comte Du F??lin 1/20Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit Reverse0none115Intense
TOTALSCH^:ADEN Max-C/Realistic Damage/No Wrong Way! 1/24Sandstone Raceway Short Route0C118Intense
Hellride and Deathloop only, no rules, c-class 1/24Main Circuit5C94Normal
Azz ITA LaVogliaDiVivere 1/24Bonebreaker Valley0none131Intense

Flying Bollards Wreckfest Servers

Daily Heavy Hitter & Mad Dog Leaderboards

There are daily most damage dealt & most takedowns charts on the front page of the website. Previous days' winners are also displayed.

Full Damage Stats

Full damage dealt and takedown leaderboards and summaries are updated after each race on the the heavy hitter page.

Event Track Order Playlists

Our servers run random track orders that are regenerated at 7am GMT daily. The current track lists are displayed here for the Mad Dog server and here for the Elbows Out Racing server.

All Wreckfest server list

Our website uses the Steam API to display a live list of all active Wreckfest servers, status, settings and players connected. Click here to view the Wreckfest server list.