Wreckfest online server list

Server # PlayersTrackLaps remainingClass
Wreckfest - Official EU Dedicated #1 (All Tracks, No Rules) 24/24Big Valley Speedway Outer Oval7A
[24/7] Dirty Racing | C Class | twitch.tv/fritotv 24/24Northland Raceway Outer Loop0C
[BLACK FLAG] TOTAL DESTRUCTION - All VEHICLES - 24/7 23/24Midwest Motocenter Reverse4none
Manteln.com | Clean Racing | 24/7 20/24Northland Raceway Inner Loop5C
[UK]OB:W 2(www.tinyurl.com/obw-modlist)RULES 14/16Northampton Shale1none
les cantalous 29 events 8/24Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit5A
Nakkisormi Racing Class: open Rules: none 8/20Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse1A
! [sxteam.de] Trackdays 6/24Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse5A
[DADS] Folkrace Sweden C-CLASS NOOBS-WELCOME 5/24Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit0C
[[FR]] En Voiture Simone... Mod Moon Gravity 2/24Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit Reverse5A
[PL] Youtube WujcioWariatuncio REALISTIC no toxic 2/24Motorcity Main Circuit2A
???????????? wreckfest 2/24FinnCross Main Circuit3B
TRANSGENDER WRECKERS AND PALS!! 2/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit2A
WolkynirLIVE 1/20Midwest Motocenter Reverse6A
[sxteam.de] Tournament Server A Mod SX-Team Turnier 1/24^5R.2 ^8- ^7Pinehills Raceay - 0C
![GER] Andoria Life 1/24Sandstone Raceway Main Route1A
Gemynio 1/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit0none
Wreckfest - Official EU Server #5 (All Vehicles, All Tracks, No 0/18Bonebreaker Valley0A
Wreckfest - Official EU Server #4 (All Tracks, No Rules, No Bus 0/18Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit Reverse0A
Wreckfest - Official EU Server #6 (All Vehicles, All Tracks, No 0/12Fairfield County Demolition Arena0A
ThunderCucked | No Rules - By Pingperfect.com 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
The Wreckfest Club 24/7/UK All Tracks 5s reset 0/24Madman Stadium Figure 80A
[UK]OB:W - TEST SERVER 2(www.tinyurl.com/obw-modlist)RULES 0/16Arena-Essex Raceway0none
Wreckfest - Official EU Server #3 (All Tracks, No Rules, No Bus 0/18Bonebreaker Valley0A
4Room CARnage 0/10Midwest Motocenter0C
[UK]OB:W 2(www.tinyurl.com/obw-modlist)NO RULES 0/16Buxton Raceway0none
P&F 0/20Midwest Motocenter0A
flying-bollards.com UK MAD DOGS & HEAVY HITTERS 0/24Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit Reverse0A
flying-bollards.com UK ELBOWS OUT RACING CClass 0/24Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse0C
D-I-R-T-Y==R-A-C-I-N-G 0/20Boulder Bank Full Circuit0A
d|F Deadly Forces : Bangers and Smash TT 0/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0A
[BAR] Drink driving encouraged! No Rules 0/24Bloomfield Speedway Oval0A
Rules Bangers - Wreckfest 0/24Mildenhall0none
(EU) C Class | Get Dirty | twitch.tv/oddsandwich 0/20Midwest Motocenter Reverse0C
B R O TUESDAY LEAGUE OPEN SERVER 0/24Smallfield Raceway0none
A TIN OF 0/24Crash Canyon0A
[Europe] Dirty wrecking racing 0/24Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit Reverse0A
[SPS]MNB Mildenhall vs Trackstar MEETING 0/24Kings Lynn0A
cash 0/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit0none
W R E C K F I S T Chibre Optique Rev 2.0 0/24Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse0A
les cantalous 41 events 0/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit Reverse0none
[UKBRP] www.onlinebangerracing.co.uk PUBLIC 1 0/24Arena-Essex Raceway0none
[UKBRP] www.onlinebangerracing.co.uk MONDEO ONLY 0/24Arena-Essex Raceway0none
[UKBRP] MEETING SERVER 0/24Foxhall Stadium0none
[UKBRP] www.onlinebangerracing.co.uk PUBLIC 2 0/24Arena-Essex Raceway0none
( NO CRYBABIES Very Dirty Racing 24/7 Europe 0/24Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit0A
OutKasts.EU S7 Wreckfest Havok 0/20Northland Raceway Free Route0A
TEAMBEANIE Server 0/24Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit0A
[RIVINS] Have Fun No Rules!!! 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
Stormy's WreckFest 0/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0C
RACEDEPARTMENT.COM ^ FUN 0/24Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit0none
Team Foobar 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
_GlobalAlien crashfest_ 0/10Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0A
24/7 Dirty Racing [C-Class][Realistic][no reverse!] 0/24Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit0C
Molehill | no bots | 56 racing tracks | class C 0/8Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0C
[ES][UHS] UFOs Hangar Wreckfest Dedicated 0/24Midwest Motocenter0none
GHUNTI - PT-24H online - Europe Server 0/24Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit0A
||| FR - TeamDTC / Class C [24/7] Rotation 0/24Crash Canyon0C
Azz ITA LaVogliaDiVivere 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none
||+|| SWITZERLAND RACING! All Tracks! (18 Bots Acti 0/22FinnCross Main Circuit0C
Hostet By GamerzHost.de 0/20Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse0A
Hostet By GamerzHost.de 0/24Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse0A
(*) Ultimate Wreckfest - Anything Goes! 0/24Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit0A
ICEWOLVES Wreckfest Server 0/4Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none
Fred-O-Data-Race[FR] 0/20Motorcity Main Circuit0none
MafiaSolecTeam-Wreck 0/10Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit0none
Kampfhoernchen2 0/10Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none
Spalterderby 0/10Madman Stadium Figure 80C
Assiversammlung 0/10Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none
Aiming|Bad Wreckfest Server 0/24Crash Canyon0C
AN ACTUAL SERVER WITH NO RACING RULES 0/20Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0none
Nitrado.net Gameserver 0/4Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none
Nitrado.net Gameserver 0/4Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none
Realish Racing Rampage 0/24Hilltop Stadium Figure 80none
Eemhuus Nitrado GASSSSSSS 0/16Bloomfield Speedway Oval0none
APVIDEO CRASH TEST 0/10Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit0C
[GER] Paladoms @Twitch |All Tracks|Fun&Race 0/24Big Valley Speedway Outer Oval0A
Opmail 0/24Midwest Motocenter0A
sgtBaldurTV // Twitch.tv // NoRules!! 0/20Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit0A
??? Wasted-Unicorns ??? 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
SyRENiXXs Wreckfest 0/24Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit0A
ZKS-Team | les foufous du volant 0/10Madman Stadium Figure 80none
SGG Server f??r Kaputte Autos 0/6Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit0none
[GER] Blood Fraction Gaming Community Server 24/7 0/24Crash Canyon0A
-I|FR|I- Alter H??ros - Class ABC - 24/7 0/24Big Valley Speedway Figure 80A
DutchEagleWrackers 0/8Bloomfield Speedway Figure 80C
TechBBS Wreckfest 0/24Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit0C
TTV xxRangerDANGERxx 0/20Madman Stadium Figure 80none
[GER] Bloodhand \ No Rules / 24/7 All Tracks 2x 0/24Boulder Bank Full Circuit0A
????????? BONKFEST ????????? 0/24Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop0none
[GER] DustNDecay 24/7 Mixed [Dedicated] 0/24Sandstone Raceway Short Route0A
test 0/24Nevada Freight Depot0none
! EU ! Pure Wreckfest 24/7 - All Cars/No Rules 0/24Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse0A
Knights of Ketdonkia 0/24Northland Raceway Outer Loop0A
=]Potenzus Maximus Community[= | Deutscher Server 0/18Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit Reverse0A
(P&Q) WurstiRacing Evil's Server 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0C
-=GER=- Schlabbedengler Server 0/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0C
![GER] GamerBude.net Wreckfest 0/24Big Valley Speedway Demolition Arena0C
--==ALL! Tracks 24/7 by Marschu77 [GER]==-- 0/24Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse0A
Revis Community Server 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none
Powie Community Rota, No-Bots 0/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0A
Flootly Wreckfest Server 0/24Bonebreaker Valley0A
*[8G] Schlachtfeld | Europe Germany 0/24Bonebreaker Valley0none
JuX.Clan - Bang Gang 0/24Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit Reverse0A
[GER]Schattenparker - only[C]class - 2 runs per Track 0/20Bonebreaker Valley0C
| GER | [Free 4 ALL | C-Class |Damage:Normal + Bots 0/24Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit Reverse0C
Northcon Xtreme-Solutions 0/16Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse0A
Failtainment_TV-Modded Mainserver 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0C
Bad Brokers Club 0/24Talledega0B
Muppet Crashy Mike Brown 0/24Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit0A
=[ ROCKETMAN ]= EU Rocket Cars Only - All Classes 0/20Midwest Motocenter0A
*MaTu roncstelepe* - By Pingperfect.com 0/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
ALL TRACKS 24/7 [GER] 0/24Hilltop Stadium Figure 80A
^:// Road70 ^:// Clean Racing / Class C 0/16Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit0C
Clean Racing|C Class| 0/24Firwood Motoceter Short Circuit0C
Soltas Folkrace Server SWE 0/24Midwest Motocenter0A
SH1T Wreckfest 0/20Midwest Motocenter0A
(* Terabit Lan *) 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
H??rby folkracing association [Clean racing only] 0/24Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse0A
BenDover's Clean Racing Server #1 SteamGroup:BensNCG 0/20Northland Raceway Outer Loop0A
Wreckfest by swegibb.com 0/24Big Valley Speedway Inner Oval0C
<[Swedish Folkrace]> | B Class -Realistic- 0/24Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit0B
BenDovers Folkrace server ONLY B,C Cars! 0/12Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit Reverse0B
Elite and Rookie's ABC 0/24Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit0none
ineX 0/24Bridge To Nowhere0none
C Class WR Factory by rabot.biz 0/12Boulder Bank Full Circuit0C
HDR Romumiesluokka IV 0/24Dune R. Smooth Reverse0A
[Fin] B class racing - www.pelitietokone.fi - 0/24FinnCross Main Circuit0B
[Fin] A class racing - www.pelitietokone.fi - 0/24FinnCross Main Circuit0A
Sunday Night Wreckfest - #2 OSAKILPAILU [24.3. klo 18] 0/24Greenlake Valley0C
BSDM Sonchyk 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
! B Class ! Tigron's Playhouse -Nasty not Dirty Racing- 0/24Crash Canyon0B
GTXGAMING-firelord 0/20Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit0none
1 Wrecked 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
(U.S.WEST) HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER'S ~ Clean Racing Only 0/24Bloomfield Speedway Figure 80A
funnyfarm wreckfset 0/20Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0A
Wreckfest - Official US-West Server #1 (All Tracks, No Rules, N 0/18Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse0A
!6k subs Klutch Krews Wreckfest (all cars - all tracks - no r 0/24Glendale Countryside Demolition Arena0A
[US WEST] Twitch.tv/Duetschbag || Demolition 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
[US WEST] Twitch.tv/Duetschbag || Circuit 0/24Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse0A
[US WEST] Twitch.tv/Duetschbag || Figure 8 + 0/24Madman Stadium Figure 80A
[24/7]NO RULES Wreckfest | C Class | KNIGHTSGG.COM 0/24Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse0C
Deadmaxx's Super Subaru Speedway! 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
(US-OK)Clumsy's World of Wreckfest 0/24Sandstone Raceway Main Route0A
FPO Adventures 0/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
Moozy037's DRIFT NATION SERVER 0/24Northland Raceway Outer Loop0none
Killer's FastLaps [WRL Practice] 0/18Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit0A
C Class [Extremely Dirty] West Coast Racing 24/7 0/24Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit0C
King's Playground 0/24Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit0A
24/7 RUBBING IS RACING 0/20Fairfield Mudpit Demolition Area0none
NLSS Wreckfest 0/24Midwest Motocenter0A
Robholes 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
BC Bangers Sodium Lickers United 0/24Big Valley Speedway Inner Oval0A
CLASS C | 24/7 Dirty Racing | TWITCH.TV/THEDIREWOLF 0/24Big Valley Speedway Outer Oval0C
|El Deshuesadero 24/7| Latinos- By Pingperfect.com 0/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit0A
[24/7] Stress Free | Dirty Racing | US CST 0/24Bonebreaker Valley0A
OFFICIAL US:E Dirty Realistic C Class Wreckfest 0/20Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop0C
MrOutLawGaming 0/21Crash Canyon0none
( US ) Datacenter WreckFast! - Very TrackPack 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none
DaMiLa's Lounge - Special Vehicles Enabled 0/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
War Duck Racing - MSGT Porkins RIP - All Tracks B class 0/22Bonebreaker Valley0B
( US ) Datacenter WreckFast! - Deathmatch Only! 0/24Glendale Countryside Demolition Arena0A
SmashFestUSA - By Pingperfect.com 0/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
Punk's Race Hell 0/20Fairfield County Demolition Arena0C
The Cosmere of Zero Effect 0/20Bonebreaker Valley0none
Proving Grounds #2| Dirty Racing | twitch.tv/Got_Ur_Sixx 0/24Boulder Bank Full Circuit0A
Proving Grounds #1| Clean Racing | twitch.tv/Got_Ur_Sixx 0/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0A
( NO CRYBABIES Very Dirty Racing 24/7 USA 0/24Boulder Bank Full Circuit0A
TreyBombay's Server! 0/24Big Valley Speedway Outer Oval0none
WSTD. 0/18Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit0none
Dirty Racing[C Class]5Sec Reset[Normal DMG^]USWEST 0/24Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit Reverse0C
ICT clan server 0/24Big Valley Speedway Figure 80none
[24/7] Hardcore Wreckfest, Dirty Racing All Classes 0/24FinnCross Main Circuit0none
BioCyde Gaming | [Modded] | www.biocyde.com 0/24Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop0none
10-8 Gaming Server - By Pingperfect.com 0/20Bloomfield Speedway Oval0none
MATRIX's Sever 0/20Crash Canyon0A
ALL CARS! DIRTY DRIVING! [US Central] 0/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
flying-bollards.com Trans-Atlantic 0/24Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse0A
Wreckfest - Official US-East Server #1 (All Tracks, No Rules, N 0/18Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse0A
Wreckfest - Official US-East Server #2 (All Vehicles, All Track 0/18Sandstone Raceway Short Route0A
Kwik's House of Destruction 0/24Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena0none
[FNFR] Don't Hit Me Bro! 0/24FinnCross Main Circuit0A
JustSimplyDave 0/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
Good Racing, Clean Racing 0/24Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop0none
Law Breakers 0/24Sandstone Raceway Main Route0B
[24/7] Clean Racing Showroom | twitch.tv/fritotv 0/24Bonebreaker Valley0A
[24/7] Dirty Racing | twitch.tv/fritotv 0/24Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit0none
Boston Gaming Servers,Wreckfest Dedicated Server 0/20Bloomfield Speedway Figure 80A
Boston Gaming Servers,Wreckfest Dedicated Server 0/20Big Valley Speedway Figure 80A
Boston Gaming Servers,Wreckfest Dedicated Server 0/20Crash Canyon0A
Boston Gaming Servers,Wreckfest Dedicated Server 0/20Glendale Countryside Demolition Arena0A
GameHound Wreckfest Server 3.0 by Amazon ----> 0/24Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit0A
Lothian Gaming, Rough Ass Racing! 0/24Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit0A
Klembot 0/20Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit0A
Houseofdean RACE ONLY WRECKFEST see houseofdean.com for detai 0/24Northland Raceway Inner Loop0A
Wreckfest Server 0/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none
(NZ) Beachy's Wrecking Hole 0/24Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit0none
Axis Sim Gaming | Server 1 0/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A
OLDr! All In #1 www.onlinedawdlers.com 0/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route0A
OLDr! All In #2. No SV's. www.onlinedawdlers.com 0/24Firwood Motoceter Short Circuit Reverse0A

Flying Bollards Wreckfest Servers

Trans-Atlantic server

Located in an East Coast datacentre, ideal for US-Europe racing.Mad Dog & Heavy Hitter awards displayed here immediately aFter each race.

Mad dogs & Heavy hitters server

The carnage server.Mad Dog & Heavy Hitter awards displayed here immediately aFter each race.

The Elbows Out Racing server

A bit more focus on racing. Race hard, but stick to the rules. Live damage stats here

Event Track Order Playlists

Our servers run random track orders that are regenerated at 7am GMT daily. The current track lists are displayed here for the Mad Dog server and here for the Elbows Out Racing server.

All Wreckfest server list

Our website uses the Steam API to display a live list of all active Wreckfest servers, status, settings and players connected. Click here to view the Wreckfest server list.