AI Slam

Beat up the AI cars for points

When the server is empty there are usually some AI bots running around.

If you join the server, and you are the only player on the server at the start of the race, you can try to get the player vs AI high score

Increase your score by beating up all the AI.

Some tracks are better for AI bashing than others - the server info page contains the current track rotation so you can see what tracks are coming up.

If someone joins the server while you're going for the high score, your score will still count.

If more than one person starts an event, none of their scores will count.

You need to finish the event (not expire) otherwise your score may not be recorded in the database

The event has to have the standard amount of laps and AI in order to count (these values are recorded in the database)

Top 5 player vs AI scores are shown on the Heavy Hitter stats page.

All time AI slam scores

Player nameScoreTrackEvent date
holdenballs3600Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit07/01/2019 12:23
holdenballs3560Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit Reverse11/09/2018 13:09
holdenballs3400Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit07/01/2019 12:17
holdenballs3360Hilltop Stadium Figure 827/07/2018 14:30
holdenballs3110Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit15/01/2019 14:42
holdenballs3090Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit28/08/2018 11:57
holdenballs2970Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit Reverse26/08/2018 16:27
holdenballs2970Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse30/08/2018 14:22
holdenballs2730Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit Reverse08/01/2019 11:17
holdenballs2660Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit07/01/2019 11:45
holdenballs2610Midwest Motocenter Reverse28/08/2018 11:51
holdenballs2600Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit Reverse15/01/2019 14:49
holdenballs2570Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit Reverse26/08/2018 16:57
holdenballs2570FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse26/07/2018 13:42
holdenballs2530Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse08/01/2019 10:56
holdenballs2370Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit07/01/2019 12:04
holdenballs2370Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse07/01/2019 12:11
holdenballs2300Northland Raceway Inner Loop26/08/2018 16:45
holdenballs2280Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop26/08/2018 06:05
Teho2280Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse15/09/2018 17:06
holdenballs2260Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit08/01/2019 11:09
Teho2250Northland Raceway Free Route14/09/2018 18:58
holdenballs2250Northland Raceway Outer Loop28/08/2018 12:04
holdenballs2230Boulder Bank Short Circuit26/07/2018 13:51
holdenballs2220Bonebreaker Valley26/08/2018 16:21
holdenballs2200Hilltop Stadium Figure 807/09/2018 13:50
holdenballs2130Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit11/09/2018 13:16
holdenballs2120Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse10/09/2018 16:42
SUPER POTATO2120Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit Reverse10/09/2018 17:49
holdenballs2100Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit27/07/2018 14:47
holdenballs1950Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit Reverse26/08/2018 19:12
Teho1940Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit15/09/2018 16:57
Loading...1930Boulder Bank Short Circuit Reverse08/01/2019 07:17
holdenballs1870Midwest Motocenter Reverse07/01/2019 09:54
Teho1860Firwood Motoceter Short Circuit15/09/2018 17:12
Teho1780Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit Reverse14/09/2018 18:41
holdenballs1700Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit11/09/2018 13:04
holdenballs1690Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit Reverse11/09/2018 12:51
Teho1670Northland Raceway Inner Loop10/09/2018 21:04
SUPER POTATO1660Boulder Bank Short Circuit26/07/2018 13:51
Teho1530Sandstone Raceway Short Route15/09/2018 17:22
holdenballs1480Sandstone Raceway Main Route08/01/2019 11:03
Teho1470Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse10/09/2018 20:47
holdenballs1470Big Valley Speedway Figure 811/09/2018 12:08
holdenballs1410Midwest Motocenter15/01/2019 15:17
holdenballs1340Big Valley Speedway Figure 807/01/2019 11:48
Teho1270Northland Raceway Outer Loop15/09/2018 16:52
holdenballs1240Bloomfield Speedway Figure 811/09/2018 12:39
Teho1230Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit15/09/2018 17:18
Teho1200Northland Raceway Inner Loop Reverse15/09/2018 17:29
holdenballs1200Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit08/01/2019 11:24
Teho1180Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse10/09/2018 20:52
Teho1140Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse10/09/2018 20:40
Teho1130Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit Reverse10/09/2018 20:58
Teho1090Bloomfield Speedway Figure 814/09/2018 18:52
eggsquatch1040Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit27/07/2018 14:47
holdenballs1030Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse11/09/2018 12:20
Teho1030Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit Reverse14/09/2018 19:15
Teho1020Big Valley Speedway Figure 814/09/2018 19:10
Teho1010Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit14/09/2018 19:06
Teho980Midwest Motocenter10/09/2018 20:35
SUPER POTATO930FinnCross Main Circuit10/09/2018 17:42
Teho810Bonebreaker Valley14/09/2018 17:58
holdenballs640Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse15/01/2019 14:29
holdenballs580Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit Reverse08/01/2019 11:44
Teho570Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse14/09/2018 18:46
Teho500Bloomfield Speedway Oval15/09/2018 17:02
SUPER POTATO460FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse26/07/2018 13:42
toneman00370Bloomfield Speedway Figure 815/09/2018 23:34
holdenballs340Madman Stadium Figure 810/09/2018 16:51
Botting97300Bloomfield Speedway Figure 816/01/2019 20:39
Pip240Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse14/01/2019 14:21
therealnavan220Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse07/01/2019 16:13
Pip220Big Valley Speedway Figure 814/01/2019 14:02
Pip200Sandstone Raceway Main Route Reverse14/01/2019 14:07
Ts140Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop14/09/2018 12:35
toneman00120Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse15/09/2018 23:28
holdenballs120FinnCross Main Circuit08/01/2019 11:15
therealnavan120Hilltop Stadium Figure 809/01/2019 07:10
jefff79120FinnCross Main Circuit11/01/2019 21:11
anton_wins120Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit12/01/2019 20:20
Chris100Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit Reverse13/09/2018 12:31
Mavatt100Bonebreaker Valley07/01/2019 18:49
therealnavan100Sandstone Raceway Short Route09/01/2019 07:29
abbeysnowball100Sandstone Raceway Short Route16/01/2019 11:08
Botting97100Boulder Bank Short Circuit Reverse16/01/2019 20:29
Walter White60Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit Reverse11/01/2019 12:52
???Gl1Tch7???50Boulder Bank Short Circuit26/07/2018 13:51
grag20Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit11/09/2018 19:40
Chris20Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit13/09/2018 12:38
toneman0020Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit Reverse15/09/2018 23:03
toneman0020FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse15/09/2018 23:22
therealnavan20Big Valley Speedway Figure 809/01/2019 07:34
kchristie6820Pinehills Raceway Short Circuit Reverse11/01/2019 01:04
Pip20Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse14/01/2019 14:15
Thunder8ird20Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse15/01/2019 16:35
silage0Boulder Bank Short Circuit26/07/2018 13:51
thunder72fr0Boulder Bank Short Circuit26/07/2018 13:51
eggsquatch0Hilltop Stadium Figure 827/07/2018 14:30
tako16v0Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit27/07/2018 14:47
Chris0Bloomfield Speedway Figure 813/09/2018 12:27
Chris0Crash Canyon13/09/2018 12:43
Chris0Bloomfield Speedway Oval13/09/2018 12:47
Teho0Sandstone Raceway Alt Route14/09/2018 18:05
toneman000Boulder Bank Full Circuit15/09/2018 22:36
toneman000Boulder Bank Full Circuit15/09/2018 22:42
toneman000Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit Reverse15/09/2018 22:49
toneman000Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit15/09/2018 22:56
toneman000Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit15/09/2018 23:10
toneman000FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse15/09/2018 23:16
toneman000Bloomfield Speedway Figure 815/09/2018 23:38
toneman000Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse15/09/2018 23:43
Raggis0Bloomfield Speedway Oval07/01/2019 13:53
therealnavan0Northland Raceway Free Route07/01/2019 15:33
therealnavan0Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit Reverse07/01/2019 15:40
therealnavan0Northland Raceway Outer Loop07/01/2019 15:44
therealnavan0Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit07/01/2019 15:50
therealnavan0Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit Reverse07/01/2019 15:56
therealnavan0FinnCross Main Circuit07/01/2019 16:02
therealnavan0FinnCross Main Circuit07/01/2019 16:07
therealnavan0Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse07/01/2019 16:20
Bleifuss0Midwest Motocenter Reverse08/01/2019 07:25
therealnavan0Northland Raceway Inner Loop09/01/2019 07:16
therealnavan0Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit09/01/2019 07:23
kchristie680Sandstone Raceway Short Route11/01/2019 01:01
kchristie680Midwest Motocenter11/01/2019 01:10
kchristie680FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse11/01/2019 01:14
kchristie680Bonebreaker Valley11/01/2019 01:19
[BCO] Games0Hilltop Stadium Figure 811/01/2019 13:13
Dragon rival0Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit11/01/2019 22:57
Body Bag Blu0Midwest Motocenter12/01/2019 16:40
letzebuerg20110Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit12/01/2019 22:50
kchristie680FinnCross Main Circuit Reverse12/01/2019 23:05
kchristie680Northland Raceway Free Route12/01/2019 23:12
RUDY0Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit14/01/2019 11:19
Pip0Big Valley Speedway Inner Oval14/01/2019 14:28
Pip0Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse14/01/2019 14:32
Pip0Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse14/01/2019 14:40
Cute Doggo0Madman Stadium Figure 816/01/2019 07:47
Dogs Orbs0Big Valley Speedway Inner Oval16/01/2019 17:16
Botting970Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit16/01/2019 20:36