Wreckfest online server list

Server # PlayersTrackLaps remainingClassPingDamage Type
! Choo Choo -------> USA East no rules all cars 24/24FinnCross Main Circuit1A49Normal
BLACKFLAG^:#2 | SEMI-CLEAN | CLASS C 24/24Northfolk Ring Main Circuit0C87Normal
[CBW] C Class Racing: ALL TRACKS | DRIVE HOW YOU LIKE 24/24Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop0C130Intense
Wrecky McWreckface | Live now on twitch.tv/unflushable 24/24Clayridge Circuit Main Circuit Reverse2A117Normal
NO CRYBABIES ^:NO RULES CHAOS ANY CAR 24/24Boulder Bank Short Circuit0A122Normal
NO CRYBABIES ^:Racing Tracks NO Backwards 24/24Northfolk Ring Open Circuit4A126Normal
BLACKFLAG^:#4 | DIRTY NOOBS | CLASS C 24/24Deathloop Main Circuit6C112Normal
^:Swedish FolkKAOZ #3 | ALL CLASS / NO RULES 2 |^: BEST PING 24/24Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit Reverse2A147Normal
! Tyhj?? tie 24/7 - Pelikaista.fi [CLASS B] 24/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route5B137Intense
{+18 Only 420!}CreepFactor/Twitch{Class-C Only} 23/24Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse1C29Normal
BLACKFLAG^:#1 | SANDSTONE SAVAGE TWITCH.TV/FFFBOMB 23/24Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit Reverse1C89Intense
Otti's Wreckfest [3] | CRASH TRACKS | MAX CLASS B 23/24Bonebreaker Valley1B170Normal
Otti's Wreckfest [1] | MAX CLASS B | NO RULES 23/24Northfolk Ring Main Circuit0B129Normal
Tommy`s Wreckfest | Class C, Realistic 23/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit2C139Intense
Wreckfest - Official EU Dedicated #1 (All Tracks, No Rules) 23/24Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit Reverse5A121Normal
[24/7] Dirty Racing | C Class | frito.tv 22/24Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit Reverse1C21Normal
! ALL TRACKS 24/7 [GER] 19/24Main Circuit1none143Normal
!Wheres the Brakes? C Class, realistic, Dirty 17/24Northland Raceway Outer Loop Reverse4C87Intense
Stormy's WreckFest | Class C, Realistic 17/24Boulder Bank Full Circuit Reverse0C86Intense
EU - Pure Wreckfest - All Cars/No Rules 17/24Dirt Devil Stadium Demolition Arena0A133Normal
[C Class] 24/7 All Tracks twitch.tv/Funslinger_ 16/20Espedalen Raceway Main Circuit5C82Normal
![LV]Uzkapajam 16/24Big Valley Speedway Figure 82A161Realistic
[>NF<] Noobs Forever =EXTRA BRUTAL= 15/24Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit7A76Normal
Manteln.com | ^:Event Practice! 15/24Mixed | Bumps0none86Normal
[UKBRP] www.onlinebangerracing.co.uk RULES AUTO 15/24Arena-Essex Raceway0none129Normal
FRA-EU| Open-Sys | All tracks | Class C | 24/24 14/24Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit Reverse4C117Intense
! WreckFast! - Deathmatch Only! 13/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena5A46Normal
Mike & Rub's Driving ^:School | max. B-Class | no r 13/24Bonebreaker Valley1B114Normal
[SMUTS] Brauke Gaming 12/24Crash Canyon0none112Realistic
Abgematzt NewServer 12/24Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop0none106Normal
Hurensohn Gaming 69 11/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena1none130Realistic
Manteln.com | Clean Racing | discord.io/manteln 8/24Firwood Motoceter Full Circuit4C130Normal
Argentina PERONIA 8/24Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit1A184Normal
RCL Promotions SERVER 1 BWS Round 7 7/24Mildenhall Stadium0none88Intense
Elite League - Ringwood - Unlimiteds 6/24Foxhall Stadium2A86Intense
Francos Unfallstrainingslager 6/20Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit5none118Realistic
^:Swedish FolkKAOZ #1 | C CLASS / SEMICLEAN |^: BEST PING 6/24Main Circuit Reverse0C148Normal
Entenhausen[GER] No Reverse / Dirty / B-Class / All 5/24Main Circuit6B117Normal
Andaria 5/24Northfolk Ring Main Route Reverse1C114Normal
KILLALOTS RACE N RAM 4/24Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0none133Normal
TeamBlackandGreen 4/24Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse0none76Intense
Slappe 4/24Crash Canyon7none145Normal
BenDover 4/24Dakar S010none138Realistic
I am a poo man and I shall poo 3/24Main Circuit4none130Intense
[UK]www.twitch.tv/Certified_G_TV[C-class] 3/24Crash Canyon4C89Normal
[CPC] Les Palmipedes entrent en piste-CLEAN RACING 3/24Savolax Sandpit Short Circuit9A102Intense
GajoNegro 3/8Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit1B126Normal
Wreckfest von Der Die Spiele Halle Server Serfer Serwer IAIA 3/15Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit Reverse17none122Normal
Ich bremse nur zum Kotzen by =]PMC[= 3/24Pinehills Raceway Full Circuit Reverse2C103Intense
HELLRAISER (GER) | SEMI-CLEAN | ALL CLASSES 3/24Big Valley Speedway Inner Oval3none101Normal
Viduxman 3/8Dirt Speedway6none129Intense
Dingleberry 3/8Dirt Devil Stadium Demolition Arena0none258Normal
Wienerville 2/20Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse8A32Normal
StabbyMcStomp 2/24Bonebreaker Valley6B60Intense
~Stoln~ Wreckfest 2/24Dirt Devil Stadium Demolition Arena5none122Intense
HEXXFEST - ANYTHING GOES - USA SEATTLE 2/20Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit2A70Normal
dfafdasf 2/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit2B131Normal
Banger Racing 2/24Foxhall Stadium0none130Intense
NWA Promotions 2/24Cowdenbeath5none110Normal
...colin 2/24Dirt Devil Stadium Demolition Arena5none141Normal
Chemical Kev 2/24Sandstone Raceway Short Route Reverse0none105Intense
NL+BEQhosting Wreckfest placeNO RULES!!! C-CLASS 2/24Big Valley Speedway Oval Loop1C117Normal
Groningers Gangbang Granium 2/24Drytown Desert Reverse2B137Realistic
Trebry 2/24Espedalen Raceway Short Circuit3A117Normal
!!!aaa1 2/24Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit0A138Normal
Estid??del 2/24Big Valley Speedway Classic Demolition Arena0C137Normal
123 2/24Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit11none143Intense
--==80+! Tracks 24/7 by Marschu77 [GER]==-- 2/24Boulder Bank Short Circuit Reverse2A121Normal
Tom 2/24FinnCross Main Circuit6none148Normal
Zen 2/24Remastered1none129Normal
Epic.WAN - Community Server - www.epiclan.co.uk 2/24Main Circuit1C130Intense
[K^:SK] Multigaming eSports Clan e.V. 2/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena7A105Normal
NoxSV 2/24Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit Reverse1B171Normal
Seikkailumaa 2/12Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit Reverse2C146Normal
klitoris 2/24Dirt Devil Stadium Demolition Arena60none165Intense
WELCOME TO DIE REALISTIC dirty 1/24Dirt Speedway0A72Intense
Wreckegg 1/24Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit0none121Realistic
! Yoo Hoo Big Summer Blow Out - Chilled ! 1/20Crash Canyon1A84Normal
LINCOLN CREW 1/24Vale Falls Circuit Main Circuit3none125Intense
NL|Biechters|NO RULES|ALL CHAOS 1/24Crash Canyon0A92Normal
~~~ [CBV] !NO RULES! - All Classes - Wreck em all ^ 1/24Boulder Bank Full Circuit3A88Normal
?McGees Any Class Server No Rules! WreckFest 0/22Demolition Arena0A76Intense
WreckFest World 0/24Northfolk Ring Open Circuit0A104Realistic
[SWE] Borl??nge-Racing 0/24Main Circuit Reverse0A124Normal
Wreckfest - Official EU Dedicated #2 (All Tracks, No Rules) 0/24Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse0A129Normal

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