Wreckfest online server list

Server # PlayersTrackLaps remainingClassPingDamage Type
Sim Streamer Showdown 24/24Deathloop Main Circuit1none59Normal
! ^:SUES FAMILY AND FRIENDS SERVER 24/24Tribend Raceway Reverse Circuit2A82Normal
Poop Sock's Shit Show 24/24Bonebreaker Valley0A105Normal
Slushie's Wreck Hard Race Fast^- Twitch.tv/DjSlushie 24/24Wrecknado Demolition Arena5A80Normal
Midwest(US)- NO RULES! Banned from Sues Welcome! 24/24Eagles Peak Motorpark4none28Normal
[18+/420] CreepFactor/Twitch [Class-C Only#2] 23/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse5C57Normal
Poop Sock's Overflow Shit Show 23/24Hellride Main Circuit6A82Normal
BLACKFLAG^:#4 | DIRTY NOOBS | CLASS C 23/24Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit4C114Normal
GER/ENG Normal Damage/All Classes/All Maps/24/7 21/24Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit Reverse0A92Normal
Speedygaming90 Wreckfest Server. twitch.tv/speedygaming90 18/20Eagles Peak Motorpark3none31Normal
WCZ ^:DIRTY LEAGUE EVENT!! TWITCH.TV/FFFBOMB 14/24Fairfield Grass Demolition Arena0none46Normal
^:Pimmelberger GER/ENG only ^:Drive how you like Class C 7/20Deathloop Main Circuit2C102Intense
NO CRYBABIES ^:NO RULES CHAOS ANY CAR 6/24Sandstone Raceway Alt Route Reverse3A101Normal
PlatypusMuertes PingPerfect Server 5/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena13A63Normal
WalrusHouse 4/24Big Valley Speedway Figure 85A53Normal
Deathwish's Server |BOTS| |ALL MODES| |VOTING| 4/24Big Valley Speedway Classic Demolition Arena11A55Realistic
kim is jelly af 4/8Hellride Main Circuit0none134Realistic
Megatropolis 4/10Eagles Peak Motorpark4none57Normal
(18+ ADULT) WreckFeast! Uncensored//Death(race)match-y 3/24Glendale Countryside Demolition Arena5A25Normal
Misery 3/24Eagles Peak Motorpark Derby Stadium0none52Normal
loganmashak 3/24Thunderbowl20none54Normal
SuperPenguinTV Wreckfest 3/24Thunderbowl3A111Normal
^:Swedish FolkKAOZ #1 | C CLASS / SEMICLEAN |^: BEST PING 3/24Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse0C147Normal
Woody's House of Mayhem [No Rules] 2/24Fire Rock Raceway Full Circuit3A45Normal
Boulders Wreck 2/20Madman Stadium Demolition Arena0A50Normal
Poopsnarf 2/20Crash Canyon3C61Normal
1 ELDERS Canada Derby + Racing - Fun Tracks / B \ NO RULES 2/24The Maw Demolition Arena0B70Intense
WreckFast! - Deathmatch Only! 2/24Big Valley Speedway Demolition Arena6A109Normal
Smiley's Sunday Wreckin' 2/24CCR Ramp1A73Realistic
SmashLab Bangers and Deathmatch 2/24Glendale Countryside Demolition Arena4A99Normal
[18+] [Backhand Booglers] | No Rules | All Cars ^ 2/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit0none288Normal
^:PATO N' FRIENDS - A CLASS RACING 2/18Maasten MotoCenter Main Circuit Reverse0none105Normal
#01 ^:Semi Clean GAming ^:24/7 Racing Maps Class A 2/24Boulder Bank Short Circuit Reverse5A95Normal
nutter butter 1/24Rockfield Roughspot0none98Normal
t.tv/DunkinDarkRoast Semi-Clean C Class Only - By Pingperfect.c 1/24Savolax Sandpit Full Circuit4C64Normal
BLACKFLAG^:#2 | SEMI-CLEAN | CLASS C 1/24Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse1C99Normal
 Gamers' Congress || Racing Party || Class A ?? 1/16Northfolk Ring Main Circuit1A100Normal

Flying Bollards Wreckfest Servers

Daily Heavy Hitter & Mad Dog Leaderboards

There are daily most damage dealt & most takedowns charts on the front page of the website. Previous days' winners are also displayed.

Full Damage Stats

Full damage dealt and takedown leaderboards and summaries are updated after each race on the the heavy hitter page.

Event Track Order Playlists

Our servers run random track orders that are regenerated at 7am GMT daily. The current track lists are displayed here for the Mad Dog server and here for the Elbows Out Racing server.

All Wreckfest server list

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