Wreckfest online server list

Server # PlayersTrackLaps remainingClassPingDamage Type
[18+/420] CreepFactor/Twitch [Class-C Only] 24/24Main Circuit0C55Normal
DOUBLEY'S HOUSE OF MAYHEM ^:NO BACKWARDS discord.gg/hMynyq3 20/24Bonebreaker Valley3A62Normal
NO CRYBABIES ^:NO RULES CHAOS ANY CAR 14/24Motorcity Main Circuit Reverse4A125Normal
Junkyard Racers C Class CLEAN RACING NO BACKWARDS 12/24Rosenheim Raceway Main Circuit1C34Normal
Marky and Friends Clean [AU] server 4/24Vale Falls Circuit Short Circuit Reverse0A210Intense
Brewpacabra's Wreckfestivus Realistic C Class Racing 3/24Hellride Main Circuit3C30Intense
Dumbbear 3/24Fire Rock Raceway Short Circuit Reverse7B39Intense
Packmans Server 3/24Main Area0none63Intense
Junkyard Racers B Class TVTP 3/24Chalk Canyon 20170B30Normal
un4givn85's Chaos Factory - Extreme damage 2/24Bloomfield Speedway Oval5C1943
Dagger Gaming Arg discord.gg/VZpfhVaEAP 2/24Pinehills Raceway Rally Circuit Reverse2A211Normal

Flying Bollards Wreckfest Servers

Daily Heavy Hitter & Mad Dog Leaderboards

There are daily most damage dealt & most takedowns charts on the front page of the website. Previous days' winners are also displayed.

Full Damage Stats

Full damage dealt and takedown leaderboards and summaries are updated after each race on the the heavy hitter page.

Event Track Order Playlists

Our servers run random track orders that are regenerated at 7am GMT daily. The current track lists are displayed here for the Mad Dog server and here for the Elbows Out Racing server.

All Wreckfest server list

Our website uses the Steam API to display a live list of all active Wreckfest servers, status, settings and players connected. Click here to view the Wreckfest server list.